Our prices are very competitive; the pricing for our services is dependent upon the size of dumpster, the type of material, driving distance, and actual weight of material as determined by the appropriate transfer station.  Please contact us, we will take the time to explain our services and determine the best plan of action to provide solutions for your needs.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.


We appreciate 24 hours notice, but we will always work with you to help fulfill your needs. If you call in the afternoon, we can usually service you by the next morning. If you call in the morning, normally we will be able to service you that afternoon.

Our normal rental is up to 7 days.  If you need to keep the container for an extended period of time, a $5.00 a day rental fee will apply.

For the 20-yard dumpster, our largest dumpster, you need approximately the size of a normal parking space at your local grocery store. The 10-yard dumpster, our smallest dumpster will fit within the same area.

Never fill a dumpster higher than the side-walls. We ask that you load your materials only to the top of the wall edge. If overloading occurs, additional charges may be assessed. If the materials are loaded to an unsafe level, the dumpster will be unloaded accordingly.

No it does not. Our price is for one dumpster and one dump. If you need additional service, then you would pay for each additional dumpster service.

In the combo units, you would get two dumpsters and two dumps.

Yes. We are fully insured.

Yes, we are licensed.